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The Toronto bladers chat was created early 2021 using signal-app as platform and only for invited skaters.

As of 2022, the chat is closed to new members. Inactive members are being removed and the chat is planned to be phased out.

App choice

The choice was done based on a cross-platform with focus on being non-profit, e2e encrypted, private, secure, free and opensource. The app is available for desktop as well as mobile clients.


  • Plan events
  • To help manage events
  • Invitation only up skating with us
  • For skaters that are part of Toronto Bladers groups
  • To communicate live gps skating events using hauk to help meetup
  • To keep the group members closer to each other and build strong bonds
  • Share skating news, media, tips, videos, pictures
  • Giveaways, trade personal stuff, etc
  • Skater chat for skating aficionados
  • On topic chat about inline skating


From the 30 skaters that were active during 2021, 25 joined the platform. The remaining preferred not to use one more new app on their phones as well as preferred real life social contact.


All intended objectives listed above were achieved. The chat reveled itself very useful to help manage events but also overwhelming active for some members.

2021 assessment

Being on the skaters chat is like being in love and sometimes we may get carried away and it will go on forever. However it can also cause a lot of traffic on mobile devices and synchronization between all the devices of the skater which may also increase data consumption and overwhelm the person's resources as well as the skater's attention.

During 2021, a few things were noticed:

  • One well known youtube skater joined us with the intention to bring business to a local store and not to skate with us.
  • Borderline skate equipment tension debates on what is best and what is not, by one well known youtube skater with business interests.
  • Rudeness and overstep of one's boundaries done by two skaters which lead to the removal of one skater and the other leaving after insulting the admin.
  • Skaters that joined in only to know about skating activities, which they intended to do on their on and not with the group.
  • As the group grew, so did the amount of messages and long conversations which lead to some people to leave due to overwhelming text as well as mute the app notifications and miss important messages.
  • Some skaters prefer the outside real life human social interaction as opposed to digital interaction online.
  • Other findings which at this time are still in evaluation, may be posted here at a later time.

During 2022 and perhaps in the future, the chat may just be for an organizing team and or the most active skaters that have been grandfathered.

2022 plans

  • As of the time of this writing, the chat remains closed to accept new members.
  • During 2022 the focus will be in building real life interactions without technology.
  • Skaters that are not showing up to events to skate with us, are removed from the chat.


During 2021 the Toronto bladers chat was very active and while that is appreciated, a set of guidelines was put in place to alleviate the load of messages that we can produce.

In order to keep the chat healthy and light the following is recommended:


Deals, sales, trades, giveaways, of personal items are always welcome to be advertised in the group. Post your message publicly in the organizing platforms, chat, forum, wall, etc and address the interested person in private. Once the item is done, please remove the advertised message (if technically possible) in order to maintain the communication light, clean and avoid others to go looking for something that is not available anymore.


To avoid flood and when possible always address the person that posted a message, in private, unless the subject is of everyone’s interest. The idea is, to post publicly and receive feedback privately when the matter is not of general interest. (feedback, sale, trade, deal, question about someone stuff, etc)

Avoid sending to many messages that can be sent as one larger message only. Fragmenting the message, contributes to flood

If you have large text to share, please consider using a pastebin service such has privatebin or privatepaste or defuse with expiry time and share only the link of your long posted message.


Over the years we have all met skaters that have used different local stores for their skating needs and many have have good and bad experiences in both stores. Feel free to recommend a store or product another skater, use the store merchandising and talk about your experiences but I would like to kindly ask to do it outside of the Toronto Bladers platforms (chat, wiki, platforms, social media, etc) in order to keep the group neutral towards these business and avoid currently ongoing politics between business.

If we are ever sponsored, this guideline will be reviewed and changed.


See also Etiquette in technology