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Joining toronto bladers

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Inline skating is a fun healthy sport to practice, but it also requires skill, practice and equipment for the chosen inline skating style and the skater should never forget that inline skating is a dangerous activity that can lead to undesirable physical and or psychological harm due to the lack of competence for the activity.

Competence is defined as:
Training, knowledge, experience and familiarity with the sport, activity and equipment and know of any potential and or actually hazards related to the activity.
We reserve the absolute right to accept or decline anyone, without the required competence, equipment or explanation as of why

Over the years, the group has had it's share of falls and injuries which are inherent to the nature of the activity and in 2021, a risk and hazard assessment was made to elevate the safety and successful proficiency of the group and it's participants and we even have first aid skaters. Some of the worst incidents were directly caused by beginner skaters who stated to have intermediate skills but lacked the skill and or adequate equipment for activity of the moment which happened when we were skating at less than 5 km/h.

Quite often candidates have questions such as:

Can I join the Toronto bladers? What happened?

It is important to understand and look at the group's activities on youtube, skill and requirements prior to join and while we would love to have the largest group inline skating in Canada, we have to be realistic and try to make things work with the skaters skill, equipment, experience as well as general preferences that are found to be the most common between all skaters of the group to maintain the group together and avoid fragmentation caused by disparities in skill, equipment and experience.

Groups and subgroups

Your registration answers on the skate profile quiz form are used to direct and or invite you to a group or subgroup that matches your feedback, skills, equipment and knowledge and you may asked to join one of the following:

Other Toronto groups

These groups are unaffiliated with Toronto bladers

Note: There are events when all these subgroups get together


(Depending on the sub group some of this applies)

  1. We do long distance skating from 5 km to 50 km rides
  2. Once a while we may have practice events on closed circuit locations such as rinks, race tracks and or skate parks.
  3. Overall, some of us we have done 29.5km/h on 70 mm wheels on flat surfaces, reached 39.7km/h on 76 mm wheels and 47km/h with 110mm wheels in some scenarios. (sometimes we might speed)


Free skating, tricks, recreational skating, fitness skating, marathon skating, slalom skating, urban skating, wizard skating and speed skating.

Locations include

City trails, woods trails, city/urban skating, pump tracks, public and private rinks as well as skate parks.

Group requirements

Join only if you do are going to skate with a group or you will be removed from the group due to inactivity.

Check subgroup platforms for their requirements:

In addition:

  • Adequate equipment that matches inline skating activity
  • No alcohol and or drugs of any kind, legal or not legal
  • Compliance with the code of conduct and waiver
  • Unblock emails or messages from organizers or you will be removed
  • 3 no shows after rsvp yes will result in removal from the group
  • 1 account per member only. Unused accounts are removed
  • No politics, activism, narcissism, flamboyance, skate wars and or disrespect.

Waiver article 7:

I hereby certify that I have the required level of physical fitness and ability to participate in the activities associated with this Event, I have sufficiently prepared for and trained for participation in the activities associated with this Event, and I have not been advised not to participate in any of the activities associated with this Event by a medical professional. I certify that there are no health-related reason why I should not participate in any of the activities associated with the Event.

Skill level assessment

  • At the time of this writing we do not have a beginners sub group but such has been considered should there be reasonable demand to justify the subgroup creation.
  • We are all beginners at some point and at some levels. Go here and check your real skill levels.

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