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Inline skating is a fun healthy sport to practice, but it also requires skill, practice and equipment for the chosen inline skating style and the skater should never forget that inline skating is a dangerous activity that can lead to undesirable physical and or psychological harm due to the lack of competence for the activity.

Regardless of your chosen inline skating style (Free skating, tricks, recreational skating, fitness skating, marathon skating, slalom skating, urban skating, wizard skating, speed skating or aggressive skating we all have to start somewhere.

The following list of competent professionals that will help you saving time, money and provide excellent information on how to practice and develop good skating form that can be used in any type of skating such as recreational skating along the trails by the lake. 

However, in case you prefer a local instructor in Toronto to personally teach you, send an email to inlineskating 'at' gmx 'dot' com and we may be able to point you in the right direction.

Asha Kirby

Asha Kirkby is a skate instructor and inline skate brand representative from the UK, with 37 years of experience and 21 of full time teaching.

Viktor Thorup

Viktor Thorup (born 14 August 1994) is an olympian professional inline & Long track speed skater from Denmark.

Joey Matia

Joey Mantia (born February 7, 1986) is an American speed skater and inline speed skater, an Olympic medalist, 28-time world champion, and a world record holder.

Pascal Briand

Pascal Briand (born 9 July 1976) is a French long track speed skater who participates in international competitions

Random skater

If you prefer to skip the formalities and technique for higher performance and optimal form, check this youtube channel about how to inline skate and it's Beginners guide

Skating lessons in Toronto

If you are interested in person lessons in Toronto, this is a rough schedule available from a well know Toronto skater who is also an instructor. Send an email to inlineskating 'at' gmx 'dot' com and we will get you in contact with the instructor.

  • Monday to Friday 6 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 9 am

Locations for fitness / city skaters

  1. Underpass Park
  2. Greenwood Park
  3. Dieppe Park

Locations for skatepark skaters

  1. Underpass Park
  2. Stan Wadlow Skatepark
  3. Ashbriges Bay Skatepark

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