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The following Q and A aim to answer common questions. Not all answers will apply to you, but hopefully, these will give you some clarification, and if the answer is still not here, do not hesitate to contact us.

Toronto Bladers or Canada Bladers

Why all these rules

Organizing over the years has proven to be a challenge. It is impossible to please everyone at the same time all the time based on experience, skater's feedback, quizzes, forms, voting polls as well as massive research done online, which included many skating groups, has contributed to the need to create rules to maintain a healthy group with actual active inline skaters.

As a group grows, the need to keep it functional requires work dedication, technical organization, and discipline are sound principles to build anything.

All this is the work of one person who spends free time and personal money to keep it going and consulted with this inline skating expert.

In addition, the following resources were also considered:

London (UK) Friday night skate
Cityskate London (UK)
Paris (France) PariRoller group Images
Group skates in Germany
Toronto inline speed skating group
London (Canada) skating club

How do I join the group

  • We have several subgroups. Register here
  • For the safety and well-being of everyone, we reserve the absolute right to accept or decline anyone, without explanation.
  • Your registration form answers will determine the most adequate for your skills, equipment and preferences to welcome you in. As you progress and your skill and equipment improve, you can skate with everyone from every group.

Registered but never received invite

  • Detailed calendar invites are made for Gmail accounts. Sync your calendar
  • Without a Gmail account, you will need 3rd party apps and load the ics calendar file to those apps.
  • If you do not have a gmail account, you will still receive the email invite with the RSVP at the bottom. (clean up your mail box)
  • Check your spam box. Unblock our email address—free space in your account.
  • We have sent you emails, but they were returned or blocked, or the email was invalid, and we removed you from the list
  • You changed your subscription. Subscribe again by re-registering
  • At the moment, we might not have events that match your skill, equipment or where we can fit you
  • You do not have the required equipment or skills for the ongoing events.

iPhone users

If you are an iPhone/iOS/MacOS/iCloud user:

  1. Acquire a device that works and install the calendar
  2. Sync Calendar with a phone or tablet
  3. Video: How To Sync Google Calendar On iPhone
  4. Video: How to Sync Google Calendar on iPhone
  5. Video: How to Fix iPhone Calendar Not Syncing
  6. Video: Last resort. Try this

Can I join the group to learn how to skate

  • Due to liability reasons, we do not instruct. See Article 7 of the waiver
  • If you are around us, no one will give you the cold shoulder for asking questions, But we are not qualified skaters to act as competent instructors.
  • We recommend a certified skating instructor. Check these YouTube skating channels list or click here to learn to skate.

Where to meet and skate

  • We do not disclose locations online.
  • Public disclosure attracts uninvited people, people without skill or equipment for the activity, and some like to use us as their "all trails alternative," which is unpleasant.
  • Meetup information is only sent to the skater after the skater completes the registration profile. It is sent to the skater's email and associated Google calendar.
  • Locations are announced in the event email descriptions and depend on the group and subgroup. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, long-distance/trail events rarely meet in the same location.

When is the next event

  • All events, cancellations and or changes are sent to the email address you used to register with the group as well as your google calendar
  • Unblock our email address, free space on your inbox, check your email filters, check your spam filters
  • If you are not using a Gmail account, you will not receive update notifications and need to check your email response manually and add the event to your local calendar on your device

Will you come to my location

  • Show up to an event so that organizers know you as a skater, skills and equipment. If you never show up, the answer is unlikely
  • In order to justify an event near your location the organizer and or, needs to know how well do you skate
  • If you are an advanced skater, can hold an average of 20 km/h for at least 10 km distance and show proof, the answer is very likely
  • The more people from your location are registered and actively skating, the more likely an event will happen there

Why the event got cancelled

These are some of the reasons that apply:

  • Low skater attendance has not met the quota expected to justify the host going to the location.
  • The majority of the skaters that RSVP with a yes have a trend of not showing up after RSVP positively and, therefore, do not account for a minimal quota.
  • Weather conditions: Mostly rain during the good season, consequential wet pavement, and very low temperatures during winter.

Why no guests allowed

  • Group organization and good functionality
  • Guests have shown up for events for which they had no skill for the activity of the event which caused injury, disappointment and the event to stop
  • Guests with intentions of using the event for activism, politics, hookups, changing event routes/activity and or recruitment for their activities
  • Liability and age requirements for the events. (waiver, code of conduct) & what's up with this

Do you have a chatroom

  • No. The general chat closed in December 2022, and there are no plans to return it to the general members. Check why

Why I stop receiving invitations

  • You were invited a fair number of times but never showed up. We concluded that you are not actively skating.
  • We don´t do events for people that never show up. You can register again if you are active skating.

Why was I not invited to that event

  • See who will receive invitations.
  • Different events require different skills and equipment, and your profile is taken into consideration.
  • As the season progresses, events will increase in skill, length, time, and overall proficiency.
  • During summer, we focus on skaters who have been active before summer and can fit into the events.
  • Skaters that start skating with us at the beginning of the season will receive the most event invitations during summer because they have built up the fitness for them.
  • Organizers reserve the right to manage the events how they see fit.

Why was I not accepted in the group

  • If you completed and submitted the skater registration form, some reasons are listed below:
  • Lack of equipment or skill for the activity, legal or group age requirements, contravention with the waiver and or code of conduct
  • For the safety of everyone, the organizers, owners and or paying members of the groups reserve the right to accept, decline, invite and or remove as they see adequate without explanation. Being part of the group is not a right but a privilege.
  • Too many profiles of the same person, with each profile changing the same detail back and forth to see which one works
  • The profiles are accessed by skaters with decades of experience. Dishonest profiles are discarded.

Why was I removed from the group

RSVP attendance

  • We only make decisions on a reliable YES rspv
  • A Maybe is assessed as NO. We don't plan things for people who don't know if they will attend.
  • A Maybe may be cancelled to modify the event to match the skaters that show up.
  • A No or no response at all consistently throughout the season is considered an inactive registration and may be removed from membership at the end of the season.
  • A YES' but re-incidentally not showing u may be discarded from a future event due to past unreliable rsvp responses. The event is then modified for those who show up.
  • Always keep your RSVP updated with either a yes or a no
  • If you decide to join us, showing up three times a year is a reasonable expectation

What is the problem with my skates

  • No problem if your skates are adequate to practice the inline skating activity of the group and event.
  • We do not do certain types of skating. Check the group's activities description. (Check Inline vs quad)
  • Does the group wait for slower skaters? See skating equipment.

Where can I see the video and pictures

Lost access to the account

  • If you lost access to your account, do not contact group organizers because they do not manage the platforms and cannot help you recover login credentials.
  • Look for login recovery options of the form that you are/using and or register again.

Dating and hook ups

  • Casually meeting the love of your life on inline skating is poetic and marvellous, but using the group and events for such intended, planned goals is not appreciated. In the past, there have been occurrences and advances which were not welcome. See code of conduct.
  • Please respect that this is all about skating; other groups and services exist that you can use for other topics. The majority of the skaters are already in long-term stable relationships (marriage, common law, together, etc.)

How do I join the old fogies

  • If you are an old fogey, membership is automatic.

Is there a way I can help the group

Group age requirements

  • Depending on the subgroup, the age requirements change. (see this example)
  • The majority of the inline skaters are between 30 and 50 years of age, and some older skaters find it inappropriate to "hang out" with people a lot younger or half their age
  • In the past, some young skaters joined the group in hopes to skate with people their age and found out they were the younger ones
  • Generational and experience differences due to the age gap may make it awkward during social moments
  • Younger adults (in their teens and 20s) have more stamina and endurance and recover physically faster than older adults. They also like to do stunts, take risks and have fun that way. However, all that fun stuff we do in our teens and 20's becomes exhausting after our late 30s and 40s.

Where to start which skates to buy

  • If you are entirely new to the sport, deciding based on your budget will be easier.
  • You have to decide what type of skating you want. Wedo, we advise some YouTube research and see what appeals to you. It is a very subjective choice.
  • If you have the cash to spend, buy a skate that allows upgrades and modifications, such as the possibility of changing the frame. Anything between $400 and less than $700 will get you a solid skate. After developing your style, anything from $700 and above should only be considered.
  • Do not buy a skate that looks fashion over function or is very popular on YouTube due to some semi-famous skater promoting them.
  • Since any brands do not sponsor us, the platform does not advertise any brands or stores unless this changes in the future
  • The best source of equipment comparisons done by very competent skaters can be found on YouTube skating channels, which is something that we all look for and research
  • To understand the provided information, it is highly advised to have some basic knowledge about inline skating as it becomes tough to answer questions for which the person asking does not have some basic knowledge to comprehend the information provided.

Why no quad skates

  • See inline vs quad
  • Because this is an inline skating group. Are there inline skates on roller derby? Or NASCAR vehicles on Formula 1 races?
  • Toronto already has a well established quad skating groups and there is no intention to divide them into smaller subgroups.
  • We do not do identity politics. See Off Topic.