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Season officially opens on the 3rd week of March and ends on the last week of November but there are always events all year.

Frequency of events

  • Default number of events per week is 1, on Tuesday nights
  • Summer events range from 1 to 3, meaning 1 long trail and 1 or 2 fixed locations for skill practice.
  • Some events are often planned among the skaters of a previous event.
  • Planned events that are posted may change or be replaced due to regular skaters group agreements.

Type of events

  • Trail events are for intermediate and above levels and no less than 80 mm wheels.
  • Marathons are exclusively for 100 mm wheels and above. Anyone on 90 mm must contact the organizer prior to RSVP.
  • Event length increases adding more Km’s the we progress throughout the year.
  • Fixed event locations for practice, are for everyone, starting by beginners.
  • Access your skill level here

Event occurrences

  • Unless exceptions, events open automatically 1 week prior to the date and are then announced.
  • Any event can change date, location and type prior to announcement.
  • Any event changes after announcement will have a second announcement by email.
  • If it rains, no event will be done on wet surfaces and the event will change the date.
  • There are events that will specifically be done online and everyone should attend.
  • Typically there are no repeated locations for an event, unless the location is exceptional.


  • Someone to host beginner events
  • Someone to host, lead and organize female events
  • Anyone is welcome to suggest an event. We like and want ideas


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