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Skill levels

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Before we begin, we have to first determine your ability level as a skater. We break down students into four ability levels based on their skills, confidence and how well they ride.

Figuring out your ability level is a key part of how we organize events. This helps our organizers making events for people with similar ability levels and makes sure that everyone gets the most out of their event.

By charting a proper learning progression for our riders, we ensure that our students do not miss out on any fundamentals skills.

Start your inline skating journey by figuring out what level of skater you are!

Inline Fun Start

  • Introduction for Total Beginners
  • How to wear Skates & Gear
  • Learn about Park Safety
  • How to Recover from a Fall
  • Fundamental Principles of Inline Skating
  • V-Walk on Skates to a Glide

Inline Skates Beginner

  • Beginner Movements and Balancing
  • Comfortable Skating Forward on Flat Terrain
  • Learn to Stop and Slow Down
  • Begin to make Basic Turns
  • Able to Enjoy Leisure Skating in the Parks

Inline Skates Intermediate

  • Can Control Speed and Skate a Longer Distance
  • Able to Confidently Skate, Stop & Turn Swiftly
  • Able to Swizzle and Slalom
  • Able to Transfer Weight & Balance on One Skate
  • Build Confidence and Refine Skating Style

Inline Skates Advanced

  • Able to Skate on All Terrain
  • Can execute Spins & Crossovers
  • Comfortable Skating Backwards
  • Begin to Specialize (fitness, speed, hocket, freestyle)
  • Learn Fun Tricks and make Small Jumps
  • Start to Refine Style and Technique