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This Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability (the “Agreement, Waiver and Release”) applies to the specific Event indicated above (the “Event” or “Events”) as well as to the group's inline skating activity.

You can only participate in or volunteer in connection with the Event if you have agreed to this agreement, waiver and release. In consideration of being permitted to participate in the Event, I hereby acknowledge and agree as follows:

1. Voluntary Participation

I hereby state, acknowledge and agree that:

  • (a) I am at least 25 years of age
  • (b) Any unregistered guests I bring are 18 years old or over and under my responsibility.
  • (c) My participation and or guests I may bring to the event, in whole or in part, is entirely voluntary and of our own free will.

2. Photo, audio and or video

I grant permission to the organizers of the group or Event, its agents or employees the irrevocable and unrestricted right to reproduce the photographs and/or video images taken of me or members of my family for publication, promotion, illustration, advertising, or trade, in a manner or any medium. I hereby release the organizers and their legal representatives for all claims and liability relating to said images or video. Furthermore, I grant permission to use my statements during an interview or guest lecture, with or without my name, for advertising and publicity without restriction. I waive my right to any compensation.

3. Off Topic

I hereby agree that I will not use the Event, the group, it’s activities and or it’s members for ulterior or underlying motives such as but not limited to political activism, identity politics, politics, protests, discrimination, social causes or manifestation of discontent related to social causes as well as for any other purpose not inherent to the nature of inline skating sport.

4. Risk substances

I hereby agree that I will not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, whether prescribed or not, legal or not or any other intoxicant substance before joining the Event or during the Event, nor will I take such substances with me to the Event for personal use, sharing and or any type of distribution.

5. Risk factors

I understand and acknowledge that some or all of the activities associated with this Event may involve varying risks, including, without limitation, the risk of property damage, bodily injury, permanent disability, paralysis, and possibly death. These risks may arise from a variety of circumstances including, but not limited to:

  • (a) the use or misuse of equipment,
  • (b) the nature of the activity itself,
  • (c) acts of myself, other participants, volunteers, representatives and agents or third-party service providers,
  • (d) the unavailability of immediate medical care at or near the site of the activity,
  • (e) extreme temperatures or other adverse weather conditions,
  • (f) rough terrain,
  • (g) vehicular traffic, or
  • (h) lack of hydration.

These risks are inherent to participants in the activities associated with the Event and to organizers, members, participants and volunteers.

6. Assumption of risk

I understand and acknowledge that I am voluntarily and freely assuming all risks associated with or arising out of participating in this Event, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, including, without limitation, those risks described in Section 5 above.

7. Fitness

I hereby certify that I have the required physical fitness and ability to participate in the activities associated with this Event. I have sufficiently prepared for and trained for participation in the activities associated with this Event. A medical professional has not advised me not to participate in any of the activities associated with this Event. There are no health-related reasons why I should not participate in any activities associated with the Event.

8. Medical treatment

I hereby consent to receive whatever medical treatment is deemed necessary or advisable in the Event of injury, accident and/or illness during the Event. I understand and acknowledge that the Event organizers are not responsible for any injuries or other damages caused to me by medical treatment providers and that I am responsible for any costs or expenses arising from or in connection with any medical treatment provided to me during the Event.

9. Waiver, release and indemnification

I agree to release forever, hold harmless, discharge and promise not to sue organizers, members, participants and volunteers, past and present, from and against any claim which either I, or my heirs, executors, administrators, or any other person acting on my behalf or behalf of my estate may have for losses, damages, or injuries arising out of or in connection with my participation in any of the activities associated with the Event. I further agree to indemnify and shall reimburse any party for, from and against every demand, claim, loss (which shall include any diminution in value), liability, judgment, damage, cost and expense (including, without limitation, interest, penalties, costs of preparation and investigation, and the reasonable fees, disbursements and expenses of attorneys, accountants and other professional advisors) (collectively, “losses”) suffered by the organizing party as a result of my participation in the Event, including, but not limited to, losses sustained as a result of a third party claim against an organizing party arising from participation in the Event, losses sustained by an organizing party in seeking medical treatment for me in connection with my participation in the Event, or losses resulting from an organizing party’s efforts to enforce this waiver and release.

10. No responsibility for third parties

By agreeing with this waiver, I hereby acknowledge that no organizing party is responsible for the errors, omissions, acts or failures of any person or entity conducting a specific activity on the organizer's behalf.

11. Governing law

This waiver and release shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Canada and Ontario, irrespective of conflicts of laws and rules.

12. Construction

This waiver and release shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law.

13. Clauses

The clauses are severable from one another. If a court should hold that any individual clause is illegal or unenforceable, the remainder of the clauses shall still have force and effect.