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When going to an event, we encourage all inline skaters to carpool or ride share as a way to reduce footprint, take advantage of HOV lanes, contribute to less traffic, get together to the location at the same time, save on fuel, save on parking costs and possibly even split trip costs. Additionally, consider bike share hubs and public transportation (TTC, GO train, etc) to go to an event.

If you have a scooter, riding one to a meetup location and storing it in a skater friend vehicle or lock the scooter on a bicycle rack of a park or rink is also an option.

Unless stated otherwise on event announcement, the following applies to all inline skating events.


By participating in the inline skating event you agree to the following:

Wheels recommendation

For most regular activity we suggest all wheels hardness to be:

  • XFirm
  • 85a or 86a

For slalom:

  • Size from 72 mm to 80 mm

For speed/endurance and distance:

  • 90 mm to 110 mm

For night skate:


Skates attention

All these fails have happened and can happen again:

  • Bring your inline skates
  • Nothing is broken/defective
  • Clean your bearings or get new ones
  • All parts are tight and secure
  • Make sure the wheels are not angled/destroyed or too worn out
  • Use threadlocker such as loctite to make sure you axles do not come out while skating.

Protective equipment

In addition, city rinks, indoor and outdoor skate parks sometimes have their own requirements

  • Sportswear to move freely (see clothing)
  • Helmet, wrist, knee, elbow pads & padded shorts
  • Pocket shoes if you need to take public transportation

Other tools

Although optional, it is advised because sometimes, something gets loose

Night visibility

Some of the following:

  • Blinking lights
  • Reflective vest
  • Luminous wrist/arm bands
  • Luminous wheels for sure

Human maintenance

Vehicle parking

If you drive, note that almost all public parks have a free park location.

Consider car polling and parking fee share as well as using a scooter and store it in another skater friend vehicle during the event.


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