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Skate marshals are voluntary inline skaters who help with the organization of an event.

At the moment, only the annual events have this need.

If you are interested in becoming a skate marshal, feel free to apply here to be considered.

All skaters must remain in between the front and back marshal. The marshals may be provided with a communication device to be able to communicate among themselves and keep the group together.

The back marshal will inform the front marshal about the speed to keep the group together. If you would like to be considered for a marshal, let us know.


  • One will be in the front
  • Another in the back
  • Another one recording the event. This skater is not to be followed by the group.
  • The marshals are surveyed volunteers which are regular skaters with high skating proficiency
  • A marshal will be visually identified by name/handle and a visual tag
  • At least one marshal will be tagged with a live gps tracking url, so that everyone will be able to locate the marshal in real time
  • In case or large number of skaters on the streets, other marshals may be assigned to lateral and or traffic positions


The front marshal is will be the one ensuring that at this time, skate marshals are asked to keep the group at no less than 10 km/h or more than 15 k/h but an average speed between 12 and 15 km/h which is considered reasonable for our intermediate skaters demonstrated skill and environment.

Past marshals

Become a marshal

Different groups have different rules for someone to be a skate marshal but it always revolve around competence and skill (not identify politics). Skate marshals are regular skaters who skate with the group and aside competence and skill, diligence and being a responsible individual are priority characteristics.

Typically a regular event attendee trusted skater is invited and or asked to help with a special event. If you would like to help, let an organizer know.

Speed, tricks, stunts, super strength, best skates in the world and or becoming super Saiyan 100 on skates are not considered, nor they are of interest to the organizers.


Your help is appreciated and will be considered. We will skate with you prior to a decision.