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First aid is the help given to someone who is injured or ill to keep them safe and to cause no further harm. The role of a first aider is to give someone this help. Learn what to do.

  • Prior to give first aid, the first aider must ask permission to the injured in order to proceed and touch the injured. (This even includes your wife/husband)
  • If the injured declines help that requires touch, the first aider can still help in other ways such as calling emergency services and or relevant parties to the injured.
  • If the injured is not conscientious, permission is still required to be asked but upon no reply, the first aider may decide to proceed.
  • Due to the nature of the sport, if you are planing to take first aid, it is recommended that you a course that teaches how to deal with exposed fractures and blood.
  • In the event of an injury that needs assistance, if someone is already assisting, do not create a crowd around the injured. Stand back, give 10 feet of space You can help in other ways such as preventing traffic (human or vehicular) to go towards to injured skater as well as make a phone call and or help guiding emergency services to the injured location.
  • As just a first aider, you are not a medical professional with expertise to diagnose and or treat anything that requires such competence.

List of skaters with first aid

The following skaters may be able to help in case of any incident

Toronto bladers

List bellow:

Male skaters

Female skaters


List bellow

Male skaters


Female skaters



A pair of latex, vinyl or nitrile gloves as well as some band aids can fit in any pocket easily and are perfect to deal with scraped skin and or blood. The rest can taken care by emergency services.

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