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Sponsoring, donations support, promote the sport, good health and fitness and bring attention to the activity and it's benefits.

Group expenses

The following is used to maintain all inline skating activities.

Work hours

  • Endless free work hours a week, planning, publishing, creating, researching, etc: Free
  • This project is ad-free and people who work on it do not earn any kind of money during the hours spent developing it.
  • Donations and or sponsoring mean a lot because they help fund costs associated with the internet, and serve as an incentive to further work on it and your interests.

Server rental

Pages, wiki, live gps, apps, etc: $100 cad/year (Taxes apply)


(Taxes apply)


Investments done that have not been rebated

  • Insta360 one X2 camera to record events and activities: $677.98
  • 3 batteries: $203.34
  • Selfie stick: $38.99
  • Camera charger: $33.97
  • Shoulder mount strap: $90
  • ONE X2 Lens Guards Cap Body Cover Protector: $10.29
  • SanDisk SD Memory In Card 256GB: $53.91
  • Backpack Clip Mount for Insta360 One X2: $15.64
  • Tactical helmet mount base: $17.20
  • STUNTMAN 360 Shoulder Mount: $99.94
  • Camera lens: $63
  • Insta360 ONE X2 Lens Guards Protection: $66.32
  • Insta360 ONE X2 Premium Lens Guards: $31.05
  • Helmet Fixed Mount Base Adapter: $8.76
  • GPS Remote Control for ONE R, ONE X: $78.86
  • Mini Tripod, ULANZI: $38.30
  • ONE X2 Aluminum Alloy Camera Cage: $41.81
  • Plastic Protective Cage For Insta 360 ONE X2: $7.61

Total: 1576.06


  • Needed: Videographer and or editor

Sponsoring and support

We are looking for sponsors and or support. Bellow, is what sponsoring will provide:

Group members

  • You will be listed as a sponsor unless you prefer to be anonymous about yourself and or your donation
  • A year donation of $20 or more per year and you will not need to attend 3 events a year to keep the membership as well as not being affected by not showing up after rsvp.

See group and account maintenance.


As a business, upon agreement what will you benefit from your sponsoring and or donation:

  • Events created will promote your business, brand, service and or products as a sponsor.
  • Video and photographs of the event which will display you as a sponsor of the event specially if you offer, give, donate merchandising we can wear.
  • Advertisement of your business as a sponsor on, but not limited to official group pages, (wiki, etc) stickers, events, shirts, flyers, videos and or pictures on social media.
  • As a guest or registered inline skater, physical presence and promotion of your business in the events including the annual events.
  • Review of equipment and or service your business provides, reviews, referrals, bringing you clients, etc.
  • The group online presence will promote your business service and or product with agreed advertisement.
  • Live GPS tracking of an organizer location during the events that will confirm and prove the activity.

You are welcome to reach us out with your sponsoring proposal and or conditions.

How can you sponsor

  • Financially (note: We are currently not a registered organization)
  • Inline skating equipment (skates, wheels, bearings, p.p.e, etc) that will be added to event raffles sweepstakes for sweet skates promoting the sponsor and or donor
  • Product or service that we can put to use for the group and events: (ie: shirt printing, stickers, cards, flyers, merchandising, etc)
  • Give aways for skate events attendees (ie: sports drinks, restaurant voucher, sportswear)
  • Sponsorship of prizes based on event type and attendance
  • Business service or product discount coupon, code, voucher, equipment, etc for group members that are active skaters based on attendance
  • Inline skating sports business workshop with discounts for members that attend events
  • To cover the expenses related to the online presence of the group and it's platforms.
  • Event contests based on the nature of the event: (ie: best voted custom skate setup, best Halloween or 80's costume, best slalom or wizard skater, fastest skater on the sports track etc)
  • Event raffles with equipment used for sweepstakes for sweet skates to be done among the skaters that attend the events.
  • Hardware that we can use for sports events and reviews: (ie: video cameras, skates, wheels, frames, p.p.e and or other skate parts)

Where and how to donate or sponsor

How sponsoring will be used

  • To advertise your business
  • To maintain and improve group activities
  • Bring more skaters to the group and events
  • Promote the sport and group making it more popular
  • To support all the work that is necessary to make this project a success

What sponsoring will not cover

  • Lobbying
  • Ownership of the groups
  • Changes to skating events
  • Admin and or organizer position
  • Automatic membership in the group and or it's chats
  • Ads direct sent to members by the donor and or sponsor
  • Membership list personal information
  • Changes to group organization and or it's policies
  • Contraventions of the agreement waiver and release of liability, code of conduct as well as bypass the approval registration forms.

About us

How credible, organized and or well established are we?

  • Most of our usual regular skaters have between skating for 10 to 20 years
  • The group has been organizing on a weekly basis (weather and health permitting) since 2019 and has done more than 150 events up to 2022. See notice of events.
  • Meetup events since 2019, 2020 and 2021.
  • Kommunity events since Mar 19 2021 to 2022.
  • Skating season starts mid March and ends in November, but we have skated outside the season, weather and or health permitting
  • Among the organizing platforms (meetup, kommunity, eventbrite) we have around 700 inline skater accounts. The rest are views and followers.
  • We have social media presence in several very popular (twitter, youtube, fb, strava, linktrr, kommunity, meetup, eventbrite, instagram) platforms and growing. We are easily found on google.

Reserved rights

  • We reserve the right to decline the presence of any individual found to be in contravention of the agreement waiver and release of liability, code of conduct, registration forms, as well as the Canadian rule of law in any inline skating event and or group.
  • We deserve the right to decline to promote a business, affiliations, service and or product that has been found by experience and or knowledge to be of faulty, poor or doubtful quality, unethical as well as anything else that contravenes the Canadian rule of law.

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