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In addition to the agreement waiver and release of liability, the code of conduct also applies. Disrespect for either, will result in being asked to leave an event and or group.


Being welcoming is important. We aim to be a community that welcomes and supports people with all kinds of skating experiences.


Dress adequately and appropriately for a sports event having in mind that:

  • Loose fit clothing for maneuverability is recommended and adequate
  • Modesty, decency and covered skin is appreciated otherwise you may be asked to leave or not invited again
  • In event of fall, exposed skin gets badly scraped or cut, muscles and joints can have severe injury if not padded and bleeding is often an outcome due to exposed skin
  • Weather conditions also affect skin exposure. During the cold season, we get cold and during the warm season there is UV radiation. (keep your skin covered).

Skating skill

Not all skaters will have the same skill, training, equipment and wheel size. When participating in an event, make sure it fits your skill level, equipment, description and or it's requirements in order for you to be able to keep the pace with the group. If it does not, wait for a future event that fits you better as it is up to the skater to raise up to the requirements and not the requirements to be lowered to match the skater. Showing up for an event that you are not skilled enough or over skilled to be in, becomes disappointing for all parties involved, fragments the event and community as oppose to unit it. (see mixing skill levels and equipment)


In 2021 and 2022, while skating, skaters had incidents with pets (dogs). There was one attack from a loose menacing dog, a skater fall and several other incidents of dogs going after or jumping on skaters.

  • Pets are NOT to be brought to an event due to safety reasons and local city by-laws reasons.



Meeting people

Please keep in mind that the majority of participants are here to skate with other fellow skaters, build skills together, encourage and motivate each other, chat about skating and skate related topics, and maybe buy/sell/trade skate equipment. Please respect that this is all about skating and other groups and services exist that you can use for other topics (advertising/promotion non skating items or services, activism/politics/dating/relationship, etc)

Politics sex and religion

  • Zero tolerance
  • Having different points of you view is inherent to be part of a group. In order to maintain good inline skating environment, Politics are to be kept outside of the events and all online platforms related to the members of skating community while on them. This includes imagery displays, signs, clothing, flags, symbols, body language, politics & activism, etc. The focus is the sport activity of inline skating.

Joining events

When planing to go to an event please have the following in mind:

  • Do not show up for event that you did not RSVP or let organizers know that you were coming.
  • If you RSVP and for some reason you cannot make it, please let us know by updating your RSVP to "not going" so that organizers are able to manage the event accordingly. No shows are frowned upon as well as going back and forth on decisions. (constant no shows are excluded from future events)
  • Be punctual. Waiting for skaters, delays everyone personal schedule, agendas and breaks the events.
  • Be on the gps location announced in the event on time. Driving, parking, transportation and other personal things are your responsibility.
  • When joining an event, read about it's description and respect it. If you prefer to do something else, present your suggestions and provided that the conditions and people match your suggestions, sooner or later there will be an event with focus on those suggestions.
  • The use of electronic communication devices can (and has) made people fall while skating leading to serious injuries. Such, will ruin the event for everyone. Please refrain to chat , text and skate while on a roll.
  • When joining a group, take a moment to read about the group's statement. Some groups are organized by sex, others invite only, others private, others need approval and others for everyone to join in. Joining the wrong one the wrong way, certainly leads no fun.


Taking into account the words you choose to communicate and being diplomatic is important. The way we present ourselves and how we conduct ourselves defines our community.

Being kind, not criticizing destructively and not resorting to insults against others is important. Harassment behavior is not acceptable. This includes and is not limited to:

  • Violent threats or aggressive language against another person.
  • Discriminatory jokes or anecdotes.
  • Sexual or violent content.
  • Publish or threaten to publish personal and unrelated to the project information of another person.
  • Personal insults, especially racist or sexist.
  • Provoking unwanted or unwelcome sexual attention.
  • Provoking, defending or supporting any type of behavior described above.
  • Repeat harassment from others. If a person asks you to stop something, you should stop.

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