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  • Started skating at about 4 years old with quads and transitioned to ice skating
  • Took ice skating lessons up until 10 years old
  • 2010 got my first Nike Air roller blades from National Sports shortly after stopping ice skating
  • Stopped skating for a long time and started again in 2021 and realized how well fitting skates are so important so I ventured out and got my first pair of Twisters in late 2021.


  • Rollerblade Twister
  • Undercover 85A, 80 and 90 mm wheels
  • Flat and Rocked endless 90 frames
  • Twincam ILQ-9 Pro bearings


  • Inline skating: beginner
  • Ice skating: Intermediate (still practice it often during winter months) current skate is CCM Tacks 9080

Skating preferences