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Welcome to 2024 and based on past years experiences, we are changing some things and bringing new ones such as the distinction between Toronto Bladers and Canada Bladers which are 2 different platforms but both managed by some Toronto Bladers skaters.

Intro news

Things to keep from 2023

  • Registration form is paramount
  • We will remain using Google Calendar to send invitations and post events.
  • The type of events, groups, locations and organization is the same as in 2023 and can be read here
  • We send the event information and invites to the email you used to register with us, if you are not getting invites, check your account or read this.


Weather and other conditions permitting, the annual events are predicted to happen at the end of the day on one selected day stated below.

Opening: March 28~31 (High Park)
Weekly events as usual
Closing: November 15~17

See: Annual events


  • It has been 5 non-stop organizing years for speedy hosting and organizing 1 to 3 sessions weekly.
  • New organizers that were active in 2023 are coming for 2024

Freestyle Sessions

  • Just like in previous years the Toronto Bladers do skills practice sessions.
  • These are planned to happen in downtown Toronto, and locations may be announced on social media
  • There may even be open sessions from time to time


To reduce emails, any monthly news will posted on this blog. You can subscribe to the blog by RSS, atom or email at your preference and should follow social media for updates.

Who will receive event invitations

  • Everyone will receive invitations for the annual events provided they have the skills and equipment to participate.
  • Annual events are not for beginners, and skaters are expected to keep a mild pace of 15km/h average to keep up with the group.

Inactive skaters

  • All registered and accepted skaters will receive a base number of event invitations to which, at a point, if they never show up to any event, they are considered inactive and will stop receiving invitations until they register again.
  • Inactive skaters are assumed to be non-existent individuals, fake, have void profiles, and are discarded from future events.
  • Skaters who never showed up to an event with the group in 2023 have been removed from the invite list because we do not know if they actually exist as people.
  • Registration form resets every year on January first.

Troll profile registrations

Voided, nullified, discarded

  • Selecting all options in every section and or opposite preferences at the same time
  • Using text boxes to write stuff not asked or to spam with non-requested info
  • Registering several times but using different personal (or lying) or skating information

Event frequency

  • A specific type of skating event may be planned Every Friday and/or weekend and at least once a month.
  • This means one weekend is social and recreational, the next is wizard, the following speed, the following slalom and so on, but there are no warranties.

Event locations

  • Since 2018, due to the bonehead express, Toronto has become a nightmare to skate on trails, distance and speed. In 2023, we started to branch out to the GTA more than before.
  • As the Bonehead express starts getting out due to good weather (mid-June), we will start slowly skating around the GTA and return to Toronto in September.
  • Most skating is predicted to be on the west side, like Etobicoke, Mississauga, Burlington and Hamilton, but not exclusively. The east side is also on the agenda.
  • We will skate around the GTA and even on other provinces. Invites will be sent to skaters who let us know their interest and the possibility of skating outside Toronto.
  • We do not disclose online where we skate. Doing so will cause a swarm of quad skaters to overtake those closed-circuit locations. Do not ask online. Join us instead.

Bad weather

We plan to skate indoors during bad weather days, such as cold, snow, or rain. Our preferred location is around North Etobicoke and any other non-woke location and environment we can find.