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Halloween, the night of the rolling dead aims at gathering inline skaters in some sort of Halloween costume.

  • Requirements: Costume, mask, something to celebrate Halloween.
  • Not allowed: Regular day appearance. Quad skates. Skateboards, Scooters, non inline skating equipment.
  • Appreciated: Luminous wheels


  • Recording can be done by anyone, but if you want your videos incorporated with the official group event videos, you should maintain a resolution of 4K @ 30 fps minimum. 4K at 30 FPS will be the default.


The curse of the blader


  • speedy planned the event as a city skate event downtown Toronto
  • A voting poll was created for skaters to decide which day is the best but only had 3 votes.
  • Friday October 28 was selected but several conditions caused the event to be cancelled.
  • The weather was very windy and some pavement was still wet.
  • A few skaters could not attend and others got a season colds
  • Speedy caught a cold too and could not host
  • Event got cancelled but one skater Richard Casanova still rolled that night


Second try was in 2021 by speedy but cancelled due to no attendance or skater availability to participate.


First attempt happened in 2020 and was initiated by Oleg.