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Reasons to move away from meetup Toronto rollerblade inline skater group

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Reasons to move away from the Toronto rollerblade inline skater group

The bladers group on meetup

  • Unfortunately management of the group is very restrictive to one person only who only logs in once or twice a year (if that much and only after several requests)
  • Some group management features are not available to all organizers which limits what the group can do.
  • The group has not been updated in almost a decade
  • Meetup accounts getting disabled for chatting to much among friends in private
  • Meetup accounts getting disabled because the member logged in from another country or from what is thought not to be a usual ip address connection
  • Meetup accounts getting disabled because of meetup spam filters that ignore legit communication between members
  • Meetup accounts getting punished because someone complained about someone else that was not woke and therefore was against minorities
  • Too many inactive organizers that have not skated for months or years or have given up inline skating.
  • Too many catfish members that only RSVP to mess with the event
  • RSVP collectors: People RSVP to an event to gain social status but hardly ever show up. Some people have collected up to 1300 RSVP's while not even attending 10% of it.
  • Too many bots pretending to be members
  • Too many members that never login or even subscribe to the group notices
  • Too many female accounts that are actually bots just to try to attract men o the group
  • Too many women that RSVP and last minute do not show up to the event and don't even care to change the RSVP to let us know
  • Too many women looking for hookups or for that cute guy that they might meet, instead of actually skating
  • Too many members that are not even in Canada but actually live in other countries and never join any event
  • Too many members that block messages from organizers
  • Too many members that RSVP to events for which they do not qualify in terms of skill and or equipment. (ie: beginners who RSVP to advanced events. 76 mm wheels for events where the wheel size is between 100 mm and 125mm)
  • In 2021 around 400 accounts have not logged in to the group in over 2 years
  • in 2021, 90% of the skaters are assumed beginners in terms of skill according to their profiles
  • By mid 2021 (June), from the 150 new accounts created this year, 140 were beginners that started skating in the same year and many wanted to be in advanced skating events.
  • Main organizer has never addressed any group issues or assigned someone to them
  • Main organizer has given up skating and moved to a different sport and has not done maintenance to the group
  • Rude meetup tech support
  • Meetup limitation of how many group members can be contacted by email
  • Mobile app full of trackers and privacy invasive features
  • Permanent online chat history
  • Involvement in politics
  • Discriminatory methods done by some meetup administrators
  • Paid service
  • Support team made of 7 people only
  • Poor social media integration
  • others...

Fev 2022 assessment

The group has now 132 events listed most being organized and hosted by speedy since 2019.

The following are inactive organizers last logins from a list of 10 organizers:

* Basil (Last login: Sep 28, 2021 – States to be living outside Canada and never organized/hosted)
* Isabel M (Last login: Aug 19, 2020 - never organized/hosted)
* Ryan Allam (Last login: May 13, 2020 - never organized/hosted)
* Greg B (Last login: Apr 29, 2020 - never organized/hosted)
* Cynthia (Last login: Jun 27, 2015)
* Michael C: (Last login: May 27, 2021)

The group was created on Feb 23, 2013 by Michael C., who since the group creation, only hosted and organized the following events:

* August 7, 2016
* April 21, 2013
* April 6, 2013
* and after this only attended June 19, 2020

A total of 4 events. Has also given up skating years ago and moved to cycling as he stated.

Since 2020 Micheal, has logged in to the group a few times but only after many messages requesting him to lead and maintain the group, in regards to managing and updating the group, only one was addressed but no action was done to update the group. Not even to update the group main picture he has cared about. His last login was on May 27, 2021.

Since 2019, speedy has been the only organizer doing events and increasing the numbers of the attendees as well as new members to the platform.

Prior to speedy it was Carlos PG who started to organize on July 14, 2019 and did 12 events that year.

* July 14, 2019
* July 23, 2019
* July 30, 2019
* August 4, 2019
* August 6, 2019
* August 13, 2019
* August 18, 2019 (cancelled)
* August 20, 2019
* August 25, 2019
* August 27, 2019
* August 29, 2019
* September 10, 2019

Carlos has moved from Toronto to Hamilton but still skates with us.

Prior to Carlos and since the group’s creation in 2013 there were only 24 listed events until 2019 which some had a few cancellations.

Some of those events do not seem to have an organizer and or a host. Some have former members listed, who gave up on skating ever since.

Anvar S who is another inactive organizer hosted on the following days a total of 6 events:

* July 17, 2016
* July 1, 2016
* June 5, 2016
* May 23, 2016
* September 13, 2015
* June 14, 2015

Cynthia another organizer who has left skating and visiting the platform for a long time now, organized a total of 11 events which counted with less than 3 people. Her last login was on Jun 27, 2015.

* September 3, 2013
* August 13, 2013
* August 11, 2013
* August 11, 2013
* August 6, 2013
* July 30, 2013
* July 28, 2013
* July 23, 2013
* July 16, 2013
* June 30, 2013
* June 1, 2013

Unknown host or organizer:

* March 30, 2013

Except for speedy and Carlos, all other names mentioned here have not logged in to the group for more than 6 months to a year or over.

Email to meetup

An email was sent to meetup.com and although they agree on the problem and solution, but there is nothing they can do.

File:Meetup-Re Meetup Bladers group problem.pdf


The group on meetup is a neglected mess and needs to by handed to active organizers in order to cleanup the mess.

Should the group be handed to speedy, 3 new active skaters will be new organizers and the costs of maintaining the group will be supported by speedy.