Scooter to a skate event

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Transportation to a inline skating event can be challenging, time consuming, costly and polluting.

However if you have a scooter, the only question is, how to use, where to use and to keep it safe.

The following can be done on any metal structure, including bicycle racks.

“E-scooters” are not allowed to go to Toronto Island

Scooter security

The challenge of securing your scooter can be solved by using bicycle locks

Scooter with a lock

Then you are free to skate

Scooter with skates

You can keep your backpack with the scooter too.

Scooter with a backpack

Skate backpack

This is a seba skate backpack

Skate backpack closed
Skate backpack


Please note the following:

Let Toronto City Council Know Why They Should Allow E-Scooters on Toronto Streets by going here


“E-scooters” that are standing electric kick-scooters are not allowed to be operated, left, stored or parked on any public street in Toronto including bicycle lanes, cycle tracks, trails, paths, sidewalks or parks under Municipal Code Chapters 950 PDF886 PDF and 608 PDF.