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Speedy and Jeff before the session
Speedy after the trail
Speedys 40 km/h adrenaline rush
Speedy goes for the pillow at 25km/h
Speedy Skates Seba Igor 3x100mm
Jeff Skates Powerslide Evo 3x100mm
160 Sugarloaf St, Port Colborne Park. Rest, rotate wheels and water fountain

The Welland Canal is a preferred location for the titans to skate for speed and endurance.

May 25 2023

This was a skate session for the stats

  • Humidity 62%
  • Temperature 9 ℃, Feeling like 7 ℃
  • Wind Speed 18.6 km/h towards North East
  • Thursday, May 25, 2023, at 10:17 am, 86 km were done in the next 4 hours and 28 minutes.
  • Average speed was 19.5 km/h with normal peak at 25 km/h and higher speeds passing the 40's.
  • Overall the trail is well maintained with very with asphalt being mostly good,very good on some parts and okay on some parts.


Evidence suggests that 15 to 30 minutes could be saved and shaved on the total time used to complete the 86 km. Deterrents can be identified as:

  • Slowing down to roll over railroad tracks
  • Stopping to cross the road due to the ongoing traffic
  • Stopping for water intake and wheel rotation (when/if needed)
  • Forced stop due to a skater falling on the pillow
  • High cuff skating boots, limit the push performance outcome vs mid or low cuff.


Free parking on location at Charles Ansell Park · 320 Lakeshore Rd, St. Catharines, ON

Public transit


Anyone planing to skate the full Welland Canal, which means 43 km each way, should have the following in mind:

  • 100 mm wheels or bigger
  • Able to keep and maintain an average above 20 km/h for 15 km or more in distance
  • Skate 40 km once a while prior to attempt the full length of the trail on inline skates
  • Your most comfortable skating boots and you may want to pad, mid or high cuff ones around your ankles to prevent friction from burns

The aforementioned will allow you to complete the trail with return in less than 5h


  • Select a day when the weather forecast does not predict strong winds.
  • Due to heat and trail length, the full trail should be done early in the morning during spring and summer time.
  • If you skate alone, provide real live tracking to someone you trust. You can use something like this.
  • Skate with a friend that is as good as you skating long distance.

Backpack with some items such as:

  • Small first aid kit (just in case because it was already useful)
  • Energy bars. Some sugar of sorts. (no one will be carrying anyone on their back)
  • Cash is king! In case you need to return on different wheels (uber, train, bus, etc)
  • At least 1 liter of water or energy drink with electrolytes. (There is only one fountain at the end)
  • PPE: Yes really. Wrist guards, knee and elbow pads are highly recommended in case you decide to try Speedy's pillow

Full 360 video

currently being edited


Along the way there are some hazards to be mindful.


  • There are 21 road intersections.
  • Some Places have crosswalks and or stop lights and some do not.
  • All traffic only happens when the trail cuts through a street.


  • At railroad and road intersections there will be some pebbles and or gravel. 100 mm wheels and experienced skaters will feel the bump but will roll it.
  • Wheels less than 100 mm are prone to lock and make the skater fall. Same applies to some random sticks that may be found along some bushy areas.

Tar snakes

Welland Canal tar snakes
  • As the weather warms up, the softer the tar snakes become and wheels will sink on them!
  • Close to the 15 km mark, tar snakes start to show up until the 19 km mark
  • Near the 21 km mark they return. This time being a lot more for the next 3 km
  • Tar snakes which are caused by asphalt cracking, should be expected in other parts of the trail.
  • Avoid rolling parallel on the snakes as that will cause your wheels to sink and you go for a nose dive.
  • Tar snakes can be crossed safely.


  • There are some parts of the trail where there is ongoing construction
  • Observed construction seems to be for improvements and maintenance

Landscaping work

  • Early and in mid in spring you may see landscaping work being done and there will be some cut grass on trail

Railroad tracks

#1 Welland Canals Trail, Thorold ON
#2 Welland Canals Trail, Thorold ON
#3 Welland Canals Trail, Thorold ON
#4 Near the 406
#5 Welland, ON
#6 34-60 Colborne St, Welland, ON
#7 Speedy's pillow
#8 Killway St W. Port Colborne, On, right after the bridge Street
#9 Princess St W. Port Colborne, On
#10 Elm Street, Port Colborne, On
  • The Trillium Railway was discontinued in 2019
  • Going south, there are 10 railroad tracks along the trail perfectly set for nose dives.
  • The 4 first railroad tracks are made of wood. The next one, plastic, the next 4 are asphalt and the last one concrete
  • While half of the rail tracks can be rolled over with 100 mm wheels, provided that enough speed is given, none should attempted with smaller wheels.
  • The biggest problem about rolling the railroad tracks is the damage of the wood and asphalt in between the tracks, which creates big gaps (this may or may not be fixed in the future).


  1. Welland Canals Trail, Thorold ON (wood)
  2. Welland Canals Trail, Thorold ON (wood)
  3. Welland Canals Trail, Thorold ON (wood)
  4. Near the 406 (wood)
  5. Welland, ON (plastic)
  6. 34-60 Colborne St, Welland, ON (asphalt)
  7. Be very careful with this one after the downhill which runs diagonally on Omer Avenue. Also known as Speedy's pillow. (asphalt)
  8. Killway St W. Port Colborne, On, right after the bridge Street (asphalt)
  9. Princess St W. Port Colborne, On (asphalt)
  10. Elm Street, Port Colborne, On (concrete)

At the time of the writing (2023), the rail tracks #5, #6, #8, #9 and #10 are easy and safer to roll over.

Water fountains


If you don't care about stats and decide to stop along the way:

After Sophia’s, there are plenty of other places.