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If you are in Toronto and interested in wizard skating, check out Toronto bladers and the United wizards events

What is wizard Skating

Tom Moyse on what Wizard Skating is. How Wizard rollerblading started, about its creator and how it developed.

Equipment needed for wizard blading, how aggressive rollerblading helped its progress and its influence on aggressive skating.

Jump Street Podcast

Episode 11 with Leon Basin and the history behind his skating life and products.

How wizard skating changed rollerblading

Explore the history of rollerblading, what makes up traditional street skating, what is wizard skating, how it started and developed and how it changed rollerblading

Copy cats

Over the years, several projects came with their own wizard idea such has

  • Endless
  • Rockin
  • Blade
  • NN
  • Iqon
  • Yoyoskate

Wizard comparisons

Wizard skaters

Popular wizard skaters:

Leon Basin


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