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Ivan Parikov aka ROT8TED Sporting Wizard frames

The Swivel council is a subgroup of the Toronto Bladers dedicated to wizard skating.

Annual events

The United wizards event initiated in 2021 by speedy from Toronto Bladers that occurs in September which aims to gather any rockered frame such as the endless, wizard, NN, blade, iqon, rockin, etc, only

The event typically takes place in a closed circuit location such as a rink, skate park or similar

  • Equipment allowed: Rockered frames and or setups that are adequate for wizard skating.
  • Equipment not allowed: Heel brakes because they have caused and will cause falls and are inadequate for wizard skating.


  • Recording can be done by anyone, but if you want your videos incorporated with the official group event videos, you should maintain a resolution of 1080p @ 30 fps minimum. 4K at 30 FPS will be the default.

During the year, a few random sessions are also part of the agenda.


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