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The Titans gang is a invitation only subgroup of the Toronto Bladers which is mostly active during summer.

The group consists of a small number of skaters that focus on long distance and speed and are known for inline skating, 10 to 12 months out of the year and spend too much money on their highly specialized inline skates.

If you are interested, record your inline skating activity for at least 15 km to 20 km, export the gpx data file and send it to fred 'at' gmx 'dot' ca


  • Able to keep an avg speed 20 km/h for at least 15 km straight and skate up to 50 km distance more


There is no apply to join button. Skaters are selected from the group and then invited upon any of the following:

  • You skated with a titan and the assessment determines that you may or may not qualify
  • You have done at least 10~15km straight maintaining a constant average speed of 20km/h and you shared your gpx stats with fred 'at' gmx 'ca'
  • Your inline skating performance is public and we found out about it

Note: Strava incorrect and or hyped uncalibrated gps stats are not taken in consideration

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