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Speedy 06.05.2022

Inline skating aficionado

22:02.2024: This page is currently outdated as I have acquired a lot more equipment and not enough time to keep up with updating pages with information about it.

About me

  • General organizer
  • Wiki documentations
  • Skate marshal
  • Location: Southwest Toronto

My Gear

Seba waxed laces (limited edition)
Seba Igor S slide carbon with Seba plus rockered slalom frame for 2023
18/05/2022 I bought the Seba trix2 low cuff marathon carbon boots for $600 cad
18/05/2022 Seba marathon with 4x100 or 3 x 110mm Powerslide V-type II frame
2021 I bought another pair of Adapt GTO skates for a review. These are the most uncomfortable boots ever.They feel worse than a cheap Bauer ice skate rental
Seba Igor Plus S carbon boot with carbon cuff for $800 cad in 2020
Seba Igor Plus S carbon boot with carbon cuff for CAD 800 in 2020
Seba high light carbon skate with a plastic cuff for $800 cad in 2017
Bauer Vapor X: Edge Hockey Skates, Senior
2019, regrettably (video) I bought the Adapt GTO skates for $1300 cad (they were returned due to their condition and I was only refunded after many requests)
K2 inline skates in 2011 for $130 Cad
Mongoose ABEC5 inline skates for $99 cad in 2003
Unknown brand. Was a gift
Seba backpack for $130 in 2017. My setup at the time
  • 2022 May 18th, I bought the Seba Marathon carbon boots
  • 2021 I bought the Adapt GTO again (Full review is to be posted online about this overpriced, overrated and hyped skate)
  • 2020 bought the Seba Igor S carbon with a flat frame, carbon cuff and tri-skate 3 x 100 mm wheels.
  • 2019, regrettably I bought the Adapt GTO skates (they were returned due to their condition, and I was only refunded after many requests)
  • 05/18/2017 bought the Seba Hight Light carbon with a flat frame, plastic cuff and 80 mm wheels
  • 2011, I bought a pair of K2 with 84 mm wheels and picked up inline skating more seriously at a fitness and recreational level and have been skating regularly ever since.
  • In 2003, I bought a pair of Mongoose soft boot inline skates for $99 CAD at Walmart. (Looking back, they were horrible. There's a video of this.)
  • At 12, I turned to street skating and skateboarding for the next four years
  • First skates when I was 7 or 8 years old. They were adjustable quads. I never gravitated much to them.

Equipment used

My experience with the following equipment is:


In the past, I used weird boots. I tried one pair of hard-shell plastic boots and did not like it. Currently, Seba carbon boots only.

Two pairs of Adapt skaters conclude that Adapt is hype. Most uncomfortable boots ever used and poor craftsman work when compared to Seba. I did not pay the total price for them, nor should anyone, as they are not worth more than $500 CAD due to the boot being carbon.

Wheels used

Best wheels so far Seba (non luminous), gyro at 85a and undercover at 88a.

By order of performance and preference being one the best:

  1. 80/100/110 mm / xfirm wheels from a brand that currently I am not listing here
  2. Bont Avenger
  3. MPC Black Magic 100~110 mm / xfirm
  4. UnderCover Bullet 88a
  5. Matter F3 / 100mm (unsure if it is original)

Other past options:

  1. Gyro FSK 80 mm / 86a. Undercover bullet 100 mm / 88a. Seba 80 mm / 85a.
  2. Seba Luminous Glow
  3. Seba Luminous 85a
  4. Seba White 84 mm / 84a
  5. Seba Street invaders 80 mm / 84a and Seba Slide Puyee florescent 80 mm / 90a
  6. Seba Hyper G concrete 80 mm / 85a
  7. China LED luminous 80/100 mm 90a (which in reality are more like 82/83a due to the polyurethane quality)
  8. K2 performance 80 mm / 82a
  9. K2 active 80 mm / 80a

Bearings used

Fastest tested bearings so far are the Swiss ceramics and Twincam ILQ-X mr2.

By order of performance and preference being one the best:

  1. Twincam 608 ILQ-X mr2 (RS), Cats 608 Red (RS) and Swiss 608 ceramics (hybrid) (RS)
  2. Twincam 608 ILQ9 Pro (RS) and Twincam 608 ILQ11 SCRS
  3. Wicked 608 ABEC9 (RS)
  4. Wicked 608 ABEC7 (RS)
  5. Twincam 608 ILQ7 classic (ZZ)
  6. K2 608 ILQ5 (ZZ)
  7. Mongoose 608 ABEC5 (ZZ)
  8. K2 608 ILQ5 (ZZ)

Frames used

Below only Seba equipment is stated at the moment

SEBA Deluxe

Seba Deluxe (v1 and v2) Black Frames Flat 165/180/195 mount is considered one of the best frames on the market. It is stiffer and lighter and guarantees superior control, comfort, and outstanding power transfer. It is excellent for most demanding skating styles.

The secret of the Deluxe frame is the tubular cross-braces. Cross braces are typically the weakest point in a frame, and the demands of slalom and freestyle skating can often lead them to crack. In the Deluxe frame, the cross braces have a hole drilled down the length to turn them into tubes after extrusion. These tubes are much stronger than the standard cross brace, providing the frame with excellent stiffness and durability. The short lengths are ideal for slalom, freestyle and dance skating disciplines.

Used sizes:

273mm (90mm wheels), 243mm (80mm wheels)
Mounting distances: 165mm, 180mm, and 195mm
Weights: 190g / 6.06oz – one 243mm frame, no axles
Aluminum 6000 series frame, CNC machined

FR 300

The 300 Frame from FR comes in the well-known design from Seba. With its length of 232 mm, it offers good agility. It is milled out of a 7005 aluminum block and provides with its cut-outs a stylish look. Its hardness makes it highly torsion-resistant and ensures optimum power transmission.

Used wheel size = 100mm
length = 232mm
Mounting = 150mm, 165mm and 180mm
Aluminum 7000 series frame, CNC machined


I bought the endless frame 4x 100mm / 3 x 110mm during 2021.

  1. It is a frame designed for beginners and intermediate skaters and not advanced skaters
  2. Although the lightest of its kind for wizard skating, it is still one of the heaviest of all frames out there, and on speed skating and marathons, its weight is felt as performance decreases.
  3. Not aerodynamic design harms its performance for speed and long distance, which is heavily felt during windy days.
  4. Axle holes are both from the right side due to identical frames. You must remove the right boot to change the wheels on the go.


During 2021 i bought the powerslide v-type II frame. This frame allows the same setup as an endless frame without the extra downsides, as mentioned about the endless. However, it is not rockered.

Setups: 4x100mm or 3x110mm

Skill level

At Inline/quad/ice skating? (eg. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

  • Aggressive: (not practiced)
  • Intermediate: Slalom
  • Quad skating: (not practiced)
  • Ice skating: Intermediate (not longer practiced)
  • Speed skating: Advanced
  • Marathon: Advanced

Skating style

Long distance, speed, endurance, skating form, basic tricks, urban skating, city skating, speed human mosquito swatter.


Preferred inline skating environment by order of preference:

  1. Long asphalt trails in the middle of the woods
  2. Hockey concrete rinks
  3. Empty skate parks

Apps used

Recommended skaters

Although I subscribe to over 100 youtube channels, my recommendations go to:

Favorite skater:

  1. iGOR Cheremetieff Slalom

For form, technique and performance:

  1. Joey Mantia 2 Time Olympian, World Champion speed skater
  2. Viktor Thorup 2018 Olympian. Professional inline & Long track speed skater
  3. Pascal Briand Speed skating champion

Group skating:

  1. Fabien Caron Freestyle
  2. Blade in New York Group skating
  3. Ktextreme Radical skating

Flow Skate:

  1. Nicola Torelli Freestyle/City skate flow skate
  2. Shawn Unwin Freestyle/City skate flow skate


  1. Nazar On Wheels Tech reviews (the guy is an engineer, and he has skated with us in Toronto)

Disapproved skaters

  1. That narcissistic, arrogant one from YouTube who sold out and has a skating style comparable to a trucker's mouth when a trucker speaks. Who also influences people in a bad and inadequate way with idiocies to get a few more views.
  2. Anyone else who uses skating as a platform to bring identity politics and activism into the sport.