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2021 skating announcement

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Hello Bladers, and happy 1st of January 2021!

  • Events for 2021 over 5 km will be organized on Kommunity for (Intermediate and advanced levels of skating who are invited to kommunity) after having skated with us first.
  • Some events on fixed locations may be organized on another platform for everyone of all levels of skating.
  • No big plans for events on Toronto rollerblade inline skater group during 2021. The platform is dead and has been neglected for years.
  • During 2021, events will be running on 2 different platforms. Kommunity will be used for trails, long distance and city skating for intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Fixed location events will may or may not happen on the dead meetup platform, such as slalom, parks, tricks.

New platform

New website

I have started a website and wiki for inline skaters. It will serve the rollers in Toronto initially, then GTA, then Ontario and perhaps at a later time, Canada.

Wiki information

A wiki has been started with and for inline skating information. It will feature many articles with skating locations and their characteristics.

General information about my events can be read here.

Branching out

2021 events will branch out from Toronto to other parts of Ontario as far as for example Welland, Brantford, Hamilton, Kingston, Pickering, Ajax.

Social media

Several social media accounts have been created such as but not limited to Youtube, twitter, instagram, facebook and reddit.

Currently the most active one is on youtube and videos are typically posted on Sundays.

Bigger news

If you are an inline skater interested in this group, please pass this information link, url and or email to your fellow skaters.


A year full of events. Since April 2020 some of us have been very active.