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No commercial apps will be listed here. You can get these apps both on or google spy store.

Do not forget to calibrate and fix your gps device to improve accuracy or you will be achieving those strava amazing max speeds that cannot be done on inline skating with your current skill level, such as if you are doing 60kh/h or 70km/h on flat or uphill, you are breaking world records. (Do you think so?)

Although there are many GPS apps out three that can be used, here are some apps that:

Apps characteristics

  • Free
  • No adds and or subscriptions
  • No email or phone number required
  • Don't send your information to a 3rd party
  • Are opensource
  • Do not spy on you
  • You can fully control.
  • Everything is stored only in your smartphone
  • No internet connection needed
  • Low battery usage

GPS App list

You can get these apps from the big brother store (google) or on any opensource app store like

  • Osmand is Global Mobile Map Viewing & Navigation for Offline and Online OSM Maps proving a wide range of options, from navigation, recording, logging, following for all sorts of profiles and is available on as well as google spy store.
  • RunnerUp tracks your sport activities using GPS available on
  • AAT is a GPS-tracking application for tracking sportive activities, with emphasis on cycling available on
  • Tiny Travel Tracker is a secure long term GPS tracker and log available on
  • OSMTracker allows you to track your journey and mark significant way points and is available on
  • Trackbook is bare bones app for recording your movements. Trackbook is great for hiking, vacation or workout and is available on
  • GetBack GPS Finds your way back to a previously visited location using GPS coordinates and is available on
  • My Location shares your location, easily and lightly. Supports plain coordinates, OpenStreetMap and GoogleMaps-Links available on
  • PhoneTrack logs positions to Nextcloud PhoneTrack app or any custom server and is available on