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Every year we update our group organization structure by removing old and adding new things. Knowing what changed will save you a lot of time.

This year, we are planning to branch out like never before and explore new trails and exciting locations around the GTA and beyond. We will not be using previous platforms such as, meetup, kommunity, eventbrite, facebook and similar, to organize events. (see skater registration)

2023 news

The following are new or changed implementations for group events information:

  • Starting point, time to meet, maybe length (km), type and wheels to take.
  • Due to time and safety reasons, hosts, marshals and organizers that are skating, will not be reading texts and texting replies or emailing skaters that are late.
  • Some events may have a live GPS tracker so that skaters can find in real time the event organizer, marshall or host. (This is not done by default. Do not expect it)
  • Long distance events will be divided by length, speed and location. We don't skate circles. We do not do quad skating. We don't do aggressive skating.
  • Skaters will receive notifications according to their profile registration preferences, demonstrated skills, equipment and safety in consideration.
  • Skaters that feel that they can (and want) be in more events, are encouraged to attend more events or share their skating GPS track data showing speed and distance. Check this free app and send the gpx file to torontobladers (at) gmx (dot) ca or share your strava data. (Strava is known not to be 100% accurate (see this and this. We browse strava inline skaters regularly)


Please do not disclose and or ask about Toronto Bladers skating locations online (social media, etc). Doing so often results in those locations becoming overcrowded by non member skaters and non inline skaters who take over the whole area for themselves. Instead, promote the group and its activities to motivate new skaters to join us and have fun in our cool found locations.

Who will receive event invitations

General events: Notified registered members within the age group
(Just show up, ready, equipped and roll)

Golden Wheels events: Skaters 50 years old and above

Athlantians: Athlantians, Olympians, and Titans
(Avg speed: 12 to 15km/h up to ~25 km length)

Olympians: Olympians, and Titans 
(Avg speed: 15km/h and above up to 40 km length)

Titans: Titans gang only by invitation and or proven GPS stats.
(Avg speed 20 km/h & up to 50 km distance more)

New: 2023

Top gun: Skaters that are into speed and long distance. 
Recruitment is done from solid Titans that have specific equipment and skill
(Avg speed 25~30~35 km/h & up to 100 km distance) ie: this and this
  • We encourage everyone to show up for events early in the season to be fit and ready for summer events.
  • If all goes well, the following has been considered for weekend sessions.

Event locations

When going to an event, we encourage all inline skaters to carpool or ride share as a way to reduce footprint, take advantage of HOV lanes, contribute to less traffic, get together to the location at the same time, save on fuel, save on parking costs and possibly even split trip costs. Additionally, consider bike share hubs and public transportation (TTC, GO train, etc) to go to an event.

If you have a scooter, riding one to a meetup location and storing it in a skater friend vehicle or lock the scooter on a bicycle rack of a park or rink is also an option.

New group

A new group for skaters 50 years old and above was planned in 2022 and we now have enough skaters on it to make it roll. The group is called the Golden Wheels. Plans for an annual event are contemplated.

If you know anyone born 50 years ago or more and still skating, give them the registration link . (No beginners. Skaters are expected to master how to stop safely and keep a steady pace of 10 to 15 km/h)

Types of events by group

It is planned to have several types of events created for the following inline skating styles but we will play it by ear.


Planned to have a playlist with reviews of:

  • Equipment
  • Stores
  • Skating places

Skaters media share

  • A google drive share was created to allow skaters who record events to share their media. If you record events, your form registration email will be added to it.
  • Events, pictures and videos to be shared on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Follow us if you want to see them.
  • Frederic will manage registrations and some aspects of social media.


  • QR codes to facilitate inviting someone to join in
  • Disclaimers about everything you need to know


  • A logo was made in 2020 and there are plans for a logo and a shirt, hoodie or sweater printed.
  • This however depends on the group members interest. Members will receive a form survey for feedback.

Group requirements to remain

Remain the same as in 2022. This includes the following, but not limited:

  • Skater registration form is paramount
  • Age 25 and up unless stated otherwise for specific events or per organizer/host
  • Inline skates only 80 mm and above with the exception of 72mm ~ 76mm for slalom skating
  • Eventbrite platform may be used to advertise some events but not to organize

Pictures and media

  • All media will be shared on Instagram, facebook and twitter after the events.
  • Follow the social media accounts to see the pictures.
  • Videos will be on youtube as soon as they are edited and ready to be posted.
  • Minimum default video recording settings will be 4K at 30 FPS (feel free to go above)
  • Media made by the an organizer, will be shared to the skater members on social media only

Social media and hashtags

  • All social media in use can be found @TorontoBladers.
  • All announcements, previous and future can be seen here. Early 2023 plans, will be announced next year to all registered skaters.
  • Twitter, Instagram and youtube youtube are the active platforms
  • Anyone posting Toronto Bladers media, please had the hastag #torontobladers and or @torontobladers handle, so that we can find it easily.
#toronto #torontobladers #torontoinline #inlineskating #rollerblading #goskate #freeskating #skate #tuesdaynightskate #tns #fridaynightskate  #fns

Things done in 2022 to remain

A few new things were introduced in 2022 and published in the wiki

  • Quick Q and A
  • First aid skaters
  • Skater registration form (update your profile for 2023!)
  • Sponsor donate and support which had 1 support in 2022
  • Maps of Public Toronto washrooms and Hamilton fountains were added on the wiki
  • New admin skaters that help the group in the background joined in 2021/2022
  • Insta360 one x2 camera and accessories were purchased

Things terminated in 2022

  • Voting polls were created to let members decide what and when to skate. However due very low usage during 2022, the outcome does not justify the time, effort and existence.
  • Inactive skaters chat members were removed and chat not taking new members during 2022
  • Idle accounts on platforms to be removed. See (Group and account maintenance)

Meetup groups

  • Running a meetup subscription costs over $200 cad a year.
  • The turnout of skaters joining and participating in the events, do not compensate the financial investment.
  • Most skaters join the groups but never skate with the group.


In the past 4 years, Facebook was used with paid ads, targeting up to 10 000 users with inline skating interests in the GTA. Local Toronto inline skater groups with close to 800 members were messaged with events and the conclusion is bellow:

  • No one ever showed up to an event posted on Facebook.
  • Other groups that use Facebook have had results up to a maximum of 30 skaters which is bellow Toronto Bladers without Facebook.
  • Facebook usage will be dropped because it is a proved waste of time and effort.
  • Rollerbabes support terminated due to inactivity and lack of interest to actually skate.
  • Toronto Bladers A, I and G groups on meetup terminated due to low skater participation which resulted in non justifiable financial investment

Pets and dogs in events

  • Pets/dogs have caused incidents during 2020 and 2022 events which resulted in attacks and falls to some skaters.
  • Although these incidents were almost all caused by non-skater pet owners, the law and safety applies to everyone.
  • Pets will not be allowed on events in 2023 and onward due to skater safety, liabilities, city bylaws and city regulation chapter 349.
  • There will be video footage of some incidents, published later.

Invalid emails

Profiles with invalid emails, meaning that the email either does not exist, is full and or is blocking Toronto Bladers, will be removed from lists and platforms until the skater registers again.

Kommunity platform

  • During 2022 several stickers were made. However none proved to be effective as a recruiting advertisement method.
  • Kommunity is to be abandoned due to poor to bad platform development which affects group admins management effectiveness. This platform started with great potential, but overtime proved itself bad for organizers of offline events due to too many platform bugs.
  • The decision to leave it as been taken in favor of a different organization method due to the enormous and massive amount of bugs, that this platform has that make admins offline events troublesome.

Other Platforms

  • Eventbrite and Strava will not be used to organize events and will not take anyone for 2023

Skaters chat

  • Over time general chat platforms have proven not to produce the intended outcome.
  • Not taking any new members since 2022 and has been phased out as a general skater chat.
  • There will be no general skaters chat in 2023 and no plans for one after that.
  • We will socialize outside the old school way, face to face.